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Volume 2, Issue 33 
October 26, 2012 

STim sviiiuiiiii siiiiuis 

Everyone Needs Water and Water Hires 

Date: Tues, Oct 30, 1:30— 2:45pm 
Location: 3-121 

Speaker: Sean D. Osborne, Professional 
Engineer, Principal OSD Consulting 

Every day, each of us depends upon 
this country's advanced water and 
wastewater infrastructure. And every 
day, thousands of engineers, 
scientists, operators, machinists, 
treasurers and customer service 
personnel work to maintain, repair 
and improve our water infrastructure. This 
presentation will illustrate one civil engineer's 
perspective on how this professional community 
operates and how to have a successful career in it. 

Pizza and soda will be served. 

Sponsored by STEM Division and Mass Space 
Grant Consortiunn. 


Using Excel to Keep Grades 

Presenter: Professor Richard Eells 
Date: Friday, Nov 2, 1:30- 2:30PM 
Location: 3- 207Q 

Richard Eells teaches in the Math Department at Roxbury 
Co nnnn unity College. 

How to best shape and bend to bridge the gap 
between the ideal and the real RCC student? 

RESCHEDULED Due to Conflict 

Presenter: Professor Quentin James 
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 6, 1:30-2:30PM 
Location: 3- 207Q 

"Who are RCC students? How do their experiences, 
learning platforms, and life objectives differ from the 
archetypal student? How much and in what way, should 
we alter the way in which we teach, tutor, and interact 
with them?" Please join Prof. James for this vital 

Quentin James teaches in the English Department at 
Roxbury Community College. He also series as the evening 
Writing Center Associate. 

VmiSimiWniW. MUliJmm DISPMY @ the Library 

Barack Obama 


Mitt Romney 


Jill Stein 

Green Party 

Gary Johnson 


The RCC Library has a fabulous collection of 

books about American presidents and 

presidential elections. Take a look at some of 

these books at our display at the circulation 

desk, and cast YOUR vote for President in our 

ballot box. Let's see who RCC really would like 

as President!!!!!!! The results of this mock 

election will be posted on the Library's 

Facebook page on Election Day. 


Outside the Student Building - Hundreds of people waiting in line to attend the Community Career Fair. 

The Fall 2012 Community Career 
Fair, sponsored by RCC and JobNet, 
MA One stop career center was held 
on Tuesday, October 23th in the 
Student Building. 

About 2,000 people attended the 
event, most of whom left feeling 
satisfied with their time connecting 
with their potential future 
employers. The attendees were RCC 
students, alums, faculty, staff and 
community residents. 

Almost 100 representatives from 46 
employers participated. Their 
feedback on their experience in the 
career fair has been outstanding. The 
organizations were intensely 
diversity-minded and dedicated to 
the community. They came from a 
spectrum of professions, industries, 
non-profits and community 


"This was fantastic Career Fair! Most 
job seekers came away from the 
Career Fair with a renewed 
enthusiasm regarding the job search 

process. I have heard nothing, but 
praise from the Fenway CDC "Walk 
to Work " applicants who attended 
the Career Fair; all secured 
interviews. I want to express my 
sincere appreciation for your 
advanced planning, which made the 
Career Fair such a success!. Superb 
job! Congratulations! Thank you for 
making this RCC Career Fair so 
memorable"- Kris Anderson, Fenway 

"This was a great event! A huge 
number of people stopped by the 
Admissions Table to learn about 
Roxbury Community College and its 

offerings"- Gloria Castro, RCC. 

Employers Comments: 

- "Yours was the best career fair 
we attended. Thank you!" 

- "Look forward to the next one." 

- "We appreciate you inviting us 
to this Career Fair. It is 
important to offer this 
opportunity to our community." 

- "It was well organized and I had 
the opportunity to talk to a good 
number of people." 

- "The organization of the event 
was great, and the folks that 
worked it were so helpful and 

- "We appreciate your inviting us 
to this Career Fair. It is 
important to offer this 
opportunity to our community." 

The Spring 2013 career fair event will 
be held in April. More details later. 

Kudos to Irina Galatskaya for the 
excellent organization of the Fall 
Career Fair. 

The RCC Weekly 

Page 3 


Integrated Learning for All: Engaging Students at Every Level 

^^^^V B In a collaborative venture Professors Everest Onuoha 
^^^^M and Charles Wibiralske (Roxbury Community College); 

^^^W Ariela McCaffrey and Eileen Medeiros (Johnson & Wales 

^^r / University) recently presented at the Atlantic Center 

^^ Learning Community Conference (ACLC) in Hartford, CT 

from October IT-IQ^*^. The joint effort examined the use 

of tacit knowledge to engage learners from a point of strength in 

exploring the boundaries of academic discourse. The joint faculty 

shared the podium in an interactive workshop that exemplified two 

approaches to using knowledge and experiences that students 

bring with them to the classroom. The presenters demonstrated 

how they built upon students' knowledge and backgrounds in 

order to introduce new learners to the concept of academic 

learning communities and to academic discourse communities. 

Food and community were the major themes for the collaborative session. The Johnson and Wales University professors 

reported engaging students by asking them to create art. The Roxbury Community College faculty discussed using 

cuisine as an entry into orate knowledge that empowers the speaker and the writer. 


The Atlantic Learning Community Conference is an annual event hosted by Johnson and Wales 
University. Professor Onuoha teaches English in the Division of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies; 
Professor Wibiralske teaches the College Experience in the Division of Student Success. Their 
presentation was entitled: Tell Me about It: Shared Experiences That Inform Instruction. 

lOMMUISilTIES For more information about the conference visit their website at 


With Members of the Honors Program 

Honors Social 

Tuesday, October 30 

Guided Tour of Visual Art, 4:30pm -5:30pm 

(Outside Library Entrance) 
Light Supper, 5:30pm - 6:30pm 


Do you ever notice the works of art on campus as you rush to 
class or chat with friends in the halls? Have you stopped to 
take a closer look at the art or wondered what the artist's 
possible message is to the viewer? Mark Lawrence, Director of 
RCC's Library, will lead us on a guided tour of the visual art 
displayed on the first and second floors of the Academic Building. We hope that this introduction to the visual pieces will 
inspire you to submit poems that can be displayed alongside them. Your poetic responses will not only engage students' 
perspectives of the art, they will extend the richness of these artistic creations through literature. 

After the tour, there will be a light supper and an opportunity to talk further about art, literature, the Honors Program or 
simply commune with friends. Send RSVPs to by noon on Thursday, October, 25, 2012. 

Introspective by 

Dorothy Uhlig Green 


The RCC Weekly 

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AT lux:! 

Hispanic Heritage month is a tribute to the generations of 
Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched 
our nation and society. 

On Monday, October 22nd, Dr. Vanessa Calderon-Rosado, Chief 

Executive Officer for Inquilinos 
Boricuas en Accion (IBA) presented to a 
large audience in the Student Building. In 
her presentation. Viva La Cultura: 
Influence of Latinos in the 21st Century, 
she exemplified the contributions of 
numerous Hispanic Americans with stories 
about local history, such as Puerto Rican 
Tenants in Action - IBA, and national 
history, including contributions of note in 
the areas of civil rights, scientific discovery, 
entertainment, law, and more. 

The event was sponsored by the International Multicultural Institute. 

Be sure to visit the 
Resnikoff Gallery for 

an art exhibit 

featuring three Latin 

American artists. 

CCC T€te Cass 

Specially hand crafted bags designed 
exclusively for Roxbury Community 
College are still available. The bags, which 
come with blue or black accents, cost $20 
each. All proceeds support alumni programs. 

How can you get one? 

Bags can be purchased at the Development Office. Stop by Room 306 in 
the Administration Building or call 617-541-5394. Checks should be 
made payable to Roxbury Community College Foundation. To pay by 
credit card, please go to the RCC Business Office. 



October 30: Faculty Meeting with VP 
Mercomes (Faculty Lounge) 

October 30: STEM Speaker Series (3-121) 

October 30: Honors Social 

November 2: T3 Colloquium(3- 207Q) 

November 6: T3 Colloquium (3- 207Q) 

Items for 'The Weekly" 

If you have something of interest that you would like to share with the college community, 
please submit it (by Wednesday afternoon) to Jacqueline Lynch at jlynchKgrcc.